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Why did America fall in love with reality television and American Idol? Because people want to deeply connect with music and the artist behind the music. Meet BRANDON BENTLEY- an artist about as real as they come. Born in El Paso, Texas...Brandon's musical journey began at an early age watching his grandfather's guitar-playing skills. Inspired by all facets of life- family, love, friends and even death, Brandon uses his life experiences and his strong voice to create a sound that encompasses soulful, Texas rock with edgy harmonies which create a stew that can only be described as "Texas Home Grown".


Brandon has been a part of several influential bands out of Texas. His role has been writing, producing and performing as lead singer for bands such as "Blackwood Ave.", "Bentli" and "Hillbilly Picnic". Although he still writes and performs with each of these projects, Brandon is currently following his musical path as a singer/songwriter performing acoustic shows across the region.


Brandon is an active member of the Austin Songwriters Group (ASG). He is a co-writing partner with several of Austins' best songwriters out of ASG. Brandon writes..."I enjoy the writing and producing side of songs as much as I do performing them live on stage. Taking an idea or an emotion and planting it, feeding it and watching it grow is an amazing thing to be a part of!"


Brandon currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and two sons. He enjoys spending his spare time with his family playing golf, playing cards and fishing. He also enjoys spending time in the community as a coach and supporter of his sons' sports teams.




"Waiting" - single - released 2014

"The Water" - single - released 2014



"The One" - single - released 2014

"For The Color Of Your Skin" - released 2014

"Drnking Thing" - single - released 2014



"If You Wanna Run" - full length CD - released 1997
"Blackwood Ave." - music video - released 1998

"I've Since Set Sail" - full length CD - released 1999

"Burning The Crops" - full length CD - released 2000

"Sifting The Ashes" - full length compilation - released 2001

"The Lost Singles" - 4 song EP - released 2010

"Swamp Coolah" - single - released 2010

"Marinate" - single - released 2010



"Locked Away" - debut solo CD - released 2007

"Locked Away" - video bio - released 2008

"Fade" - single - released 2008



"Hillbilly Picnic" - live CD and DVD - released 2013



"Dollar Bill" - guest vocals - released 2001



"Changing Direction" - vocals on 6 song EP - released 2003



"Jimmy Adcock and the Texas Surfers" - self tittled debut solo CD - guest vocals on "Hey Austin" - released 2011



"Brothers And Sisters" - full length CD - guest backing vocals, banjo and acoustic guitar on "I Want To Go" - released 2011



"Bells Of Innocence" - co-writer of the title track song "Story Not Of Love" - written with Amin Emam, Dave Innis (Restless Heart) and Paul Gregg (Restless Heart) - released 2003


"Boggy Creek" - producer and performer of the title track "re-make" of the song "Run" by Collective Soul - released 2010



Kol Marshall (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Ministry, Dave Grohl)

Jt Longoria (Insane Clown Posse, Izzie Stradlin, The Burden Brothers)

Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Damage Plan, Hellyeah, Nickelback)

Tim Kimsey (Steve Perry, Don Henley, Elton John, Sister Hazel)

Chris Godbey (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce,

                         Chris Cornell, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Timbaland)

Gary Long (King Diamond, Michael Harris)

Paul Sorosky (Bleu Edmondson, Podunk, Dug Pinnick)

Omar Vallejo (Vallejo, Dale Watson, Yayo, Paul Renna)



As monitor engineer - Canyon, Little Texas, Don Williams, The Kentucky Head Hunters, Faith Hill, Gary Morris, Neal McCoy, Lee Greenwood

Played shows with - Vallejo, Pat Travers, Slash's Snakepit, Cheap Trick, Tesla, Everclear, Andy Timmons, Ian Moore, Bob Schneider, Stoney LaRue, Brandon Jenkins, Jack Ingram, Spoonfed Tribe, Arms Of The Sun

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